About Us    

Little Kubz, was formed in 2002 under the name tots tkd.     
This group was formed by a true Martial Artist Master H John VII Degree    
World, Eurpopeon and British Champion Inducted to the USA Hall Of Fame in 2005.

Little Kubz, runs of its own criteria that merges Taekwon-Do with many children activities.    
For example     

  • Counting    
  • Alphabet    
  • Socalising    
  • Awareness    
  • Balance    
  • Cordination    
  • Mental Confidence    
  • And Much Much More.    
    The age group is between 4-9     
    If you would like to enrol and learn martial arts the little kubz way    

    Call today: 07961188190 Or 07903435436    
    Email: littlekubztkd@gmail.com