UKTI Martial Arts                   
Little Kubz TaeKwon-Do    

Little Kubz provides classes that are restricted to 4 – 9 year olds only as we     
understand the younger members are often intimidated by the larger student.    
They also have a shorter concentration span so the classes are tailored    
to introduce these students to the TaeKwon-Do foundations in a fun-learning environment     
with a lower instructor: student ratio.    

Classes are designed to teach    

  • Character Building    
  • Confidence    
  • Balance    
  • Co-ordination    
  • Discipline    
  • Street Awareness    
  • Anti-Bullying    
  • Stranger Danger    
  • Gang Avoidence    
  • Listening to and following instructions    
  • Interacting with others    
  • Introducing routine